Sunday, May 17, 2009

Skunk problem # 2

Well it happened again,that is a skunk attacked me,when I went out to feed the cats.

He did his hopping forward motion at me,then turned around raised his tail and sent that beutiful perfume shooting at me.

I dodged the spray,but he doesn't have to hit you with the spray,as it is thick and the fumes get on you.

Believe it or not the little rascal turned around and started eating cat food again.

I decided I would spare the animals life,so I got my have-a-heart trap and placed a weenie in it.Went back to the house and was immediately chased out on the back porch by a broom yeilding wife,demanding me to strip and take a shower.

So after this was done,I went back out to check the trap.And to my surprise I had a trapped skunk.Now comes the hard part.

I took an old blanket and held it up to cover my body,so as not to get sprayed.I was about 2 feet from the skunk when two snoopy dogs came charging up to see the skunk.Of course the skunk turned and sprayed the dogs and my blanket.I went ahead and covered the cage with the blanket so the skunk wouldn't be frightened any more.

Then I backed my pickup up to the cage and loaded the skunk in the bed.

Now I drove the skunk out to the forest and opened the tail gate on the pickup,turned the cage with the door over hanging the tail gate.I then lifted the blanket up over the door of the trap.Got a long stick and opened the door of trap.The trap has a double door function,so you have to pull one door back and then push the second door in.After I made this manuever,I held the door open with a stick wedged between the wires.

Now I backed off and tapped on the end of cage,to spook the skunk forward.Then I went to the front of my pickup and 6waited for the skunk to jump out onto the ground and leave.I heard some noise so I went back to the cage and the skunk was out,but the skunk decided he wanted to go home with me,as he came back toward the truck.At this time I decided to chase him off with a stick.Of course it jumped at me again and turned to spray,but I was to far away to get hit.Finally the skunk decided tohead off into the brush and I said farewell to it and went back home to take another shower and get a change of clothes.The back of my truck still smells though..

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